Nanotips sounds just like the name of a geek’s virtual girlfriend and actually, Nanotips is made for the geeks everywhere. I know that this sounds funny as hell, but the creators are advertising Nanotips as the liquid solution to your everyday problem. To be honest, I had no idea until now that I’m having a problem, not to mention a daily, recurring problem. But, even if I did not know it, I might have a problem and probably, Nanotips is the solution to my imaginary problem. You know why I’m saying imaginary? Because I’m the proud user of a Nokia Lumia smartphone, hence, I don’t have a problem with my thouchscreen using gloves thank you very much.

[adsense300gray]I am aware of the fact that you have no idea what I’m blabbering about. So for the rest of you, this might be a cool idea, because what Nanotips does is to make your touchscreen compatible with any type of gloves. This conductive polyamide liquid stuff, smeared on a regular pair of gloves, will make them touchscreen compatible, hence you will be able to operate your smartphone using gloves soiled in this revolutionary liquid. That’s about it, hail for Nanotips and the whole nine yards.

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