If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing what is not easy to reach for the human eye, the unseen side of things, you’d be thrilled to find out that there’s nothing left uncovered by Seek, The Thermal Infrared camera. But don’t get too excited, you’ll only see a brighter side of things, which is the electromagnetic radiation that solid objects produce, a sort of light.

[adsense300gray]Seek is a tiny attachment, measuring barely two inches across, that plugs directly into your mobile device’s charging port, with versions for Apple and Android. The Lightning version is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 7.0 or above, while the Android version is compatible with most Android devices running 4.3 or higher.

Fun to play with, though not designed for entertainment purposes, Seek is intended to measure temperatures across their view and show hot and cold spots to identify problems that need to be fixed. For the temperature readings, the sensor can detect values from -40°C to 330°C.

Once the camera is attached, you can use it in one of the 4 modes that the matching app provides: the Camera mode, capturing videos or images of what the camera sees; the Temperature mode, giving you an estimate temperature for a location in the middle of the image; High/Low mode, the temperature spot will jump to the coldest or the hottest location in the field of view; Threshold mode where you can set the camera to only display object above, below or at a particular temperature.

Seek proves to be a helpful tool for every handyman, extremely easy to use, but there’s always a fun side in seeing the things beyond the veil of light.