As the weather gets milder, you start thinking about exploration trips! And who doesn’t love camping?

Just imagine your next big escape in the wild… How about trying some cool new things like rafting? An after that what about a nice game of cards or something… It’s getting dark, you need to make some light! Oh, you forgot to gather wood… Lucky you have the LuminAID PackLite 12 Inflatable Solar Lantern!


Easy to store, carry and charge this inflatable solar lantern is the next big thing on the camping must have items list, mark my words! LuminAID is also waterproof up to 1 meter deep and it can even float so what do you say about doing some boat trips by night? You’d surely love that!

It’s durable – it provides 16 hours of light on a single charge. Also, it has an emergency flash setting which lasts more than 32+ hours – what have I told you before about must have items while camping? The adjustable strap makes it incredibly easy to attach to your backpack so that it can be charged on the go or to attach it wherever you want!

Cool? Oh, here’s another thing you can use the LuminAID for: power outages! Oh, yes.. although nowadays they are quite rare, things like these can be pretty annoying. So, it’s very useful in first-aid kits, too!

Night reading? Oh, definitely!

The possibilities are endless… while we still have the sun as a power provider! But we don’t have to worry about the sun exploding yet!

LuminAID will be available starting with April 10, but if you’re anxious you can pre-order it!