As I’m the type of person that enjoys innovative and peculiar things, let me introduce you to a cool and also kind of awkward gadget from Aether: ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for the Cone! This little guy is a WiFi enabled speaker that thinks for itself and pays attention to your music preferences, trying to learn and figure out what would please you at a certain time.

[adsense300gray]Okay, it does sound kind of spooky, but this nice little stalker is harmless, believe me. If you don’t like what’s currently playing or simply wish to listen to something else, the Cone will listen to your demands when pressing its center button, you just have to tell it what would you enjoy listening to at that moment and your speaker-buddy will deliver. Besides being a good listener and a must-have accessory for those of you who love music, this nice fellow is also cute and will look great wherever you decide to place it.

The Cone 2

The Cone 3

The Cone 4