[adsense300gray]For those of you who enjoy spending quality time outside, exploring the great outdoors on a hike, for example, and you also take your smartphone, GPS, tablet or other small electronic devices, here’s a great tool for joining you in your adventures.

The Brunton Hydrogen Reactor is an intriguing device that serves for recharging your gadgets. How does it work ? Well, it has some rechargeable cores with hydrogen that produce energy when combined with the oxygen from the atmosphere. Thus, you have an environmental friendly method of producing energy, as no toxic chemicals are used for doing so.

The Hydrogen Reactor connects to your device via USB and each hydrogen cell is able to recharge a smartphone for 6 times, having an output of 1 or 2 Amps, depending on the settings you make. The 1 Amp setting is used for charging small gadgets such as smartphones and the 2 Amp serves for charging a tablet.

When the hydrogen cells are empty, you have to recharge them with a hydrolyser device for refilling, that isn’t exactly portable or cheap, coming at $250. The good news is that Brunton is currently trying to introduce free recharging stations in stores.
Even if its price might seem a little spicy, Brunton’s Hydrogen Reactor is a pocketable device that has the potential of being an awesome solution if you’re out in the wilderness for some time and need juice for your beloved gadgets.