We admit, we are part of the nostalgic crowd – the ones who keep ticket stubs, write memos in diaries and shove stacks of old Polaroids in time capsules „to be opened when __” (and then of course open them before their due date, because we’reĀ impatientĀ nostalgics.) To avoid this from ever happening to you and thus ruining the surprise for your future self, wherever he or she may be, we recommend this nifty site that will take care of all those cats killed by your curiosity (you monster.) Clicky click on the link and be transported to a realm of messaging like no other before it. Write whatever, choose a delivery date and then send your missive to the future. There have been cases of optimists sending their e-mails 70 years into the future. While this is doable, they probably won’t have internet in the care home they were placed in by their loving children and grandchildren. But it’s still worth a try. Just don’t forget what e-mail address and password you used. That would truly be a pity.

Or you can just browse the plethora of public letters that you can openly read on the site. They’re mostly inspiring and might help you with your own problems. Enjoy.

Here’s one of our favorites: