Ever considered Transformers morphing out of smartphones instead of cars? Okay, maybe not the best idea for Michael Bay to put out on film, but there is definitely room for improvement. IsoCase is an IndieGoGo promoted project which has the purpose of solving two of the most persistent smartphone issues: battery life and damage resistance. Apart from that, users will also benefit from a larger IPS screen with FullHD (Retina-like) display.


It works by converting your smartphone into a tablet; one that is able to withstand higher impact damage (including waterproof up to 2 meters) and also provide extended battery life. In order to activate IsoCase, you need to slide the smartphone inside the case and fit it into the adapted USB port, depending on your smartphone make and model. IsoCase can be ordered with Lightning port for iPhone 5 and later, Dock Connector for iPhone 4 and 4S, and Micro USB for most Samsung, HTC and Sony smartphones. Compatibility with different brands should be checked before buying the product.

While inside the IsoCase, your smartphone rests behind multiple layers. Starting with the damping elements and high impact bezels for damage protection which are directly in contact with your device, IsoCase also features a military grade armor shell, protection for glass corners, and a gorilla glass that keeps IsoCase’s touchscreen. Below your smartphone, a 10000 mAh battery is stored in order to provide extended mileage. It takes about 3 hours for the battery to be fully charged when using the wired charger. Time may vary when charging with the wireless Qi charger.