If you’re into travelling all around the world or you get in touch with foreigners from time to time (business meetings, for example), I have the perfect tool for offering you a big-time help when communicating with each other, in case you don’t speak a common language. SIGMO is its name, translating between 25 languages is its game!

[adsense300gray]At first glance, this little fellow will seem no more than some sort of a square-shaped toy, but boy, it stands pretty far from being just that! SIGMO is a small device that works in a very simple way. It’s compatible with devices that run Android or iOS and for using it, you must connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, thus allowing our little friend to use your data connection for accessing online translation services and then speak out. After defining your own language and the foreign language, you have to press a button and talk and, after that, our buddy will translate what you said in the other language. If you press the second button, it will translate the message from the other language into yours. Ta-daaam.
Even though the translation gadget relies on a mobile phone and a data connection, in the future, we can expect an offline mode to be available.


sigmo 1

sigmo 4

sigmo 7

sigmo 8

sigmo 9

sigmo 10