Pets are our friends, our family. Losing them would be a tragedy and we would only blame ourselves for not taking good care of them. Not anymore! With the Gibi Pet Location you will permanently know where your pet is.

Gibi Pet Locator is a waterproof, sleek, fashionable and tough GPS tracking device which can be easily attached to any collar. It comes in various colors and designs, for those who want their pets to be trendy. The device is really easy to use: just attach it to your pet’s collar and if your dog or cat goes missing you go to your smartphone, open the Gibi app, press the button and you will see a Google map with the exact location of your pet.

The battery lasts for about 7 days and when it needs charging you will get a text message or email saying that you have two hours of charging left. The application Virtual Fences allows you to create a virtual fence around your house and if your pet would leave this area you will get a notification saying that your pet has crossed the fence.

You can also monitor where your pet has been wandering, by pressing the history button, selecting the times that you want to know where you cat or dog has been. The fact that Gibi Pet Locator is waterproof will allow your pet to be detected even if it likes to play with water sprinklers, swim or splash around in a pool, or until it will get shelter in heavy rain.

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