We’re living in a dangerous world, some say, and we need to be supervised 24/7 by Big Bro, just to be kept  out of harm’s way. At least that’s what „they” say. Surveillance is everywhere, from your smart phone to your smart TV and if you don’t believe me, ask Mr. Snowden, you know, that silly dude that used to work for the CIA and the NSA. Now, even dogs are part of the high-tech surveillance grid, with a new gizmo called The Whistle; this thing attaches from the dog’s collar and it monitors/measures/records its day to day behavior, its activities,  basically all the data that can be recorded from a dog.

[adsense300gray]Why would you do that to your dog? Well, with the Whistle, you can be aware of your actual dog’s location 24/7 and also about its whereabouts, health, all the info being synced/updated via your smartphone by a dedicated app (Android/iPhone). Make your favorite pet smart with the Whistle and enjoy the brave new world!

whistle 2
whistle 4