The wait is over, because with Beep, you can sync your music all around the house, using your smartphone and an iOS or an Android app. It’s that easy. What, you didn’t get me, did you? What Beep? Well, say hi to the device which makes all your speakers wireless. How does it work, you asked? Well, all you have to do is to connect the gadget to your speakers/receivers/docks and after that, enter the password for your Wi-Fi via the smartphone app and voila, everything is set. With only a tap you can start your favorite music or change the volume, everything at your fingertips. I must mention that the sound quality is pristine in this little baby. If you’re the audiophile type, you should learn that Beep is integrated directly with Pandora, the best music jukebox on the internet. Obviously, you can play your favorite music files directly from your smartphone or your tablet, ¬†using the dedicated app. Beep will start shipping in the fall of 2014 but you can pre-order it right now for just $99.



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