We gotta face it: iPhones are great when it comes to multimedia activities you can perform on them, but every single photo, swipe or mp3 sucks the battery dry. Turn on the wi-fi and you probably will have to run for the charger after a few hours of use. You can’t replace the battery on your own as iPhones are designed in such way that they won’t allow such a replacement. So, what is there to be done?

The H2PRO case promises to solve the power problem, offering the possibility to double your battery life along with added waterproof and shock-resistant features that exceeded military standards. The „Juice Pack” as developers call it, represents an extra battery integrated inside the H2PRO case, offering an extra 2,750 mAh for your iPhone, available at the push of a button. Normally, 2,750 mAh is a bit more than a fully charged iPhone 6 battery, so you should get twice the hours your phone normally lasts.

Built from flexible, strong rubber, the H2PRO case has been confirmed to comply with military standards for endurance and the IP68 Ingress Protection standard, offering 100% waterproof capabilities while tested at a depth of 1.2m for 30 minutes. Tight sealed ports also ensure no dust or other particles will get past the case. The flexible, scratch-free membrane is fully compatible with the Touch ID, allowing for full control over your phone even when wearing its armor.

For now, the H2PRO Waterproof case is available for pre-order and it’s coming in black. Pre-orders are expected to be shipped later this month, along with a 1 year warranty. The case is only compatible with iPhone 6 models.