Drinking and driving is not the perfect combination at all. But since we are surrounded by technology, why not use it to our benefit? The Breeze Breathometer was designed to help you avoid driving under the influence of alcohol and get you safe back home.

[adsense300gray]You simply launch the Breathometer app, power on the Breeze, blow for five seconds and find out in no time what your blood alcohol concentration level is. Besides this, depending on the results, the Breathometer app will also tell you how much time it will pass until you will be back to zero. It also comes with several other features such as Get Home Safe which helps you access local cabs, an Uber driver or call a friend to get you back home.

The Stay Nearby feature helps you locate restaurants and hotels in case you need a place to spend the night or spend some time until you get sober. Thanks to the Apple Health Kit integration, the gadget also informs you on your alcohol consumption trends and how this is affecting your health.

You do not need to worry about replacing its batteries as the Breeze runs on coin cell battery which lasts for two years or for about 2,500 tests. Its size and sleek design lets you take it everywhere, attached to your belt, your keys or as a money clip. The Breeze is compatible with iOS devices and also Android devices that run 4.3 Jelly Bean.

The Breze is FDA approved and it uses the latest generation Electrical Chemical Fuel Cell sensor with an accuracy that surpasses the other breathalyzers.