[adsense300gray]It’s amazing how the last couple of years have been a prime time for wireless, smart devices that have the potential to revolutionize the way we take care of ourselves, our possessions and how we deal with daily tasks. Here we have an example in that sense, with the world’s first smart home security device, called Canary.

The campaign for funding this project is still running on Indiegogo and so far, the support it has received has been proportionate to the quality and potential of the product. There is still time to back it up, by purchasing a $199 Canary for your home/office.

In simple terms, this sleek device consists of a bunch of sensors, designed to monitor sound, motion, temperature, humidity and air quality, while allowing you to view the room with the help of an HD camera, or at night – by using night vision. As you can imagine, there are numerous situations where each sensor can be useful, whether there’s a fire, or an intruder in your home, or any other menace. Over time, Canary learns patterns of motion, temperature etc. to send you smarter notifications and alerts on your phone.

The design is simple, colors are discreet and it won’t disrupt the look of the room, like some inaestethic¬† alarm sets do. The installation process takes no time at all, as you only need to plug in the device and connect the free App to it.

The innovative aspect of Canary is not debatable. If it will perform as described, for what it costs, it will, most likely, replace traditional, complicated security systems and services.