Nap Nap Time

Sleep is a main part of your daily routine. A man spends 25 years of his life sleeping, and you should how they used to say: a man needs his 7 hours a day. Yes, they meant sleep. It is a way to restore energy, but also to improve attention, memory and capacity to understand what is going around you. Taking sleep for hours lost is a big mistake. Because it is so important, it has its own disfunctions. Some people find it hard to fall asleep, it has been a public health issue for so long, that a group from Kickstarter came up with a pretty cool gadget to help you on that purpose.

Meet The Little Big Difference

They called it SNOOZ, a nice choice of name by me, and his way of doing things is by giving you a peaceful atmosphere around you, limiting the surrounding noises. It uses a real proprietary fan to create a volume and tone adjustable (by stepless dials) white noise. The design is minimalist, the fan is encapped in a plastic frame, having a space to leave the air get inside to the fan’s wings, and from there, the sound-producing outlets do their magic. The key reason white noise helps you is because it reduces the delta between your baseline sound and containment noise so many disturbances aren’t heard and the others sound much quieter, the creators say. Also, the energy it consumes is way lower than a room fan, you can take it with you while traveling and there are no looping tracks as there’d be using an app. The designers thought of some way to remote control it, so they came up with the smart phone app, which allows you to deal with the gadget while staying in bed. In my opinion it is that kind of great gift to your family, be it your dad or your little daughter, but manily for yourself, as you’re going to find yourself wanting one imeediatly after buying one for them. It is projected to be available somewhere in March 2016.


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