Hiking can turn into a truly stiff affair when you have to pack all your chargers and there’s no room left for them in your tiny bag pack. Finding a power source in the heart of the mountain, for instance, can be a real hassle. As most of the highly useful tools produced by Goal Zero, Switch 10 incorporates solar power so this smart gear is the right solution for all your travelling power problems.

[adsense300gray]Goal Zero’s Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool is an ultra-lightweight pocket-size recharger to keep your phone and your other USB powered devices (POV cameras, tablets) going all day long. Switch 10 packs 3,000 mAh and comes with a micro tip cable. The replaceable and rechargeable lithium battery that powers up from any USB and a plug-and-play rugged 7 watt solar panel that collects solar energy prevent your tools from running out of power.
Easy to convert into a 110 lumen flashlight by attaching the ‘bulb head’, you can count on Switch 10 to be a long living road partner whenever your paths get dark. Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool Kit, proves to be a life saver in more than one way. When the nights you spend in a tent get steamy or your summer hiking days are torrid, you can attach its other tip to switch it into a fan to cool you off.

So you must know by now that Switch 10 is that one small, but clever thing that every venturesome hiker should rely on.