[adsense300gray]If you prefer riding your bike for getting around instead of driving, you’ll be interested in Hammerhead, a cool gadget which is designed for facilitating bike navigation and keeping you on the right track without drawing your attention from the road (you don’t want to bump into stuff when your eyes aren’t focusing on the path you’re going).

If you supposedly have to go somewhere by bike and don’t know your way around, Hammerhead Navigation offers you a solution within its T-shaped gizmo, the Hammerhead. This little guy finds its home when mounted on the bike’s handlebars and guides you with its LEDs when having to take a turn. How ? It’s quite simple, actually. When having to turn left or right, the gadget lights a LED on the side that corresponds with the way you have to go. It also shows the distance to destinations, turns or to the top of a climb. Needless to say that it’s perfectly functional in all weather conditions or during the night.

The Hammerhead needs to connect to your Android or iOS based smartphone in order to receive GPS support and is said to work even without a data connection, which is great.

Hammerhead Bike Navigation

hammerhead 1

hammerhead 2