After an initial failure to properly market his product (in the middle of winter no less), a cooling box called Coolest, designer Ryan Grepper attempted again, this time in the welcoming summer heat, and his Kickstarter campaign stopped at the whopping sum of $13,285,226, becoming the website’s most funded project of all time. We no longer live in the Bauhaus decades, when an adjustment in an object’s design would revolutionize the use of that item throughout the world, but that innovative spirit has still remained with some creators, such as Ryan Grepper. It’s probably why his product has become so famous – he took an object that has stayed basically unchanged over the years and brought it to light in the 21st century.

Now, what’s so great about Coolest? Overall, it’s the perfect picnic or party accessory. One of the problems with eating outdoors is the constant fuss around keeping the food and drinks cool enough, the awkward silence that comes in after a while and the need to check up on e-mails or post pretty nature photos on Instagram (definitely a first world problem, but it happens, don’t try to deny it). The Coolest deals with all of that. It’s main function isn’t lost in the cluster of hi-tech elements, still managing to keep your sandwiches and beer cool. And it can do so even better than the usual coolers, by allowing you to separate the main compartment into two smaller ones – one for ice (and beverages) and one to store your food in, to avoid getting it soaked.

[adsense300gray]Probably the feature that makes the Coolest stand out the most is the 18v battery operated rechargeable blender. What can be better than an ice cocktail and staring at the sky through the trees? And how about some music, to prevent you from getting a bit melancholic while sky gazing? No problem. The cooler has a removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker, so just connect your phone to it and you’ll be blasting the newest Flo Rida song in no time. If your phone is running out of battery, you will find a USB charger embedded in the Coolest.

In the attempt to maximize space in your car, the cooler also has integrated storage space for your plates and knife and the compartment divider can act as a cutting table to chop meat and vegetables. Additional elements such as a a bottle opener or an LED lid light may not seem much, but they make for a compact product, that won’t leave you needing more. Plus, the colors it comes in are fun and the design is reminiscent of the 60’s, with a touch of hi-tech. Definitely worth the hype!