[adsense300gray]If you’re the DSLR kind of person and you love taking high quality pictures while on the run, but you’re too lazy to carry around with you that uncomfortable lump of technology (the Nikon, I mean), well, the good news is that Moment is here for you. Moment, your best friend when it comes to taking cat pictures! With this awesome lens, you can transform your boring smartphone into something magic. Well, at least that’s what the guys behind Moment are saying (and keep in mind that they’re trying to raise money! ). Basically, what the Moment lens does is to sharpen/amplify/augment//whatever you want to call it your picture taking capabilities of your mobile phone and that’s that. It’s like a prosthesis for your camera. It’s like steroids for your smartphone. I’m running out of ideas, I hope you got the general idea about this product. Just take a look at the pictures taken with the  Moment camera lens (on an iPhone, of course) and, well, go help a brother!