[adsense300gray]Homey brings closer that day when we’ll be able to control the environment without making a move. From this point of view, yes, Homey, the master of the living room, is a tool that will immerse us deeper into the matrix. This gadget is an automaton that will “talk” to your home appliances in their own language. It’s a digital butler, sort of speak. It serves and an intermediary between you and your TV, the climate or the lighting system. ┬áIf you heard about the internet of things, well, this is it. Using the internet and your behavioral patterns, Homey will control your lights, your indoor temperature by adjusting the thermostat, it will open your curtains when you need to wake up, it will pre-heat the oven when you’re out shopping for pizza, it will make coffee for you, it will tell you if it’s going to rain when you’re leaving the house. And naturally he does all that via wireless and smart apps, not using magic.

As you can see, Homey is your butler, your mommy and your Hall 9000 all together, wrapped in a cool ball-like design.



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