If you find yourself wondering what difference a simple touch could make… well, you should know that sometimes it may put your world into a whole new order! But only if we’re talking about Flic, a tiny magnetic button that has the amazing ability of controlling an endless series of smartphone functions which are engaged by a simple tap.

This wireless smart button, is made from long lasting materials which actually provide it dust and weather resistance, so you can stick Flic in everywhere you need it to be.
With just a click, you can play your favorite song and control many other functions of your phone, from silencing your alarm in the morning to snapping a photo and sharing your phone’s GPS location with your family and friends.

[adsense300gray]Use it in your car, so you can stay focused on your driving and still text, answer your calls or detect the song you’re listening to on the radio! You can program it to control all your smart home units, turning on the light or creating the movie night atmosphere. Each button can be programmed with three different functions and the same button can be shared with others. Flic uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with your device and connects with both iOS and Android devices. Though its most impressive feature must be that it has a battery life of up to five years.

Simplicity is the word for Flic. Surely, it’s only a matter of programming and personal taste until it can become a fancy shortcut for your everyday activities.

You can help support this and get one for yourself on IndieGoGo.