You have to hate carrying all kinds of cords and data cables along with your phone. It is even worse when you actually need such a cord, but you didn’t bring one. WonderCube solves these kind of situations by packing 8 essential elements in nothing more than a cube measuring one inch.


First of all, the WonderCube features a foldout USB cord that, when unpacked, it measures 3 inches. It features a regular USB on one end and an Apple Lightning/micro-USB combo on the other end. This also allows you to charge your phone by connecting it to any available USB port. WinderCube can be even used to charge your phone from 9V batteries. You will get about 3.5 hours of talk time as an emergency solution.

Whenever you want to watch a movie or video-call without having to keep the phone in your hand, WonderCube can be used as a support piece. Given its micro-suction cups, it can stick to any part of the phone and keep it inclined both in portrait and landscape modes.

Are you needy for more storage space? Although currently available only for Android, the WonderCube OTG allows you to boost your phone’s memory by an extra 64GB. Just connect the cube through the USB port and insert the MicroSD card in the OTG slot. Getting home at night and finding no lights on is quite an adventure; however, you can just start the WonderCube mini-torch and get a beam of light that will guide you to your destination.

The WonderCube is small; it fits on your keyring and looks like the perfect logo, without any exposed components or sharp, bad looking margins. It really is a mini workstation the size of a peanut.