Let me introduce you to Cocoon! The elegant, British, smart home security device, totally engaged to your protection. It is a successful mixture of HD Camera, Motion Detection & SUBSOUNDTM Technology in order to notice activity in your home. In case of an unusual event, you will be notified through a Cocoon App on smartphone so you can react properly and become in control of the situation.

Probably the most exciting thing about Cocoon is that he learns who ought to be on your property and who doesn’t. This way, the risk of having a false alarm is minimized. You also don’t need to turn it in or off when you leave or come back at your place.

[adsense300gray]This mediatic acclaimed and shortlisted for the 2014 London Design Award gadget is focused on your most precious right: the right to feel secure. How does it do that? Its sensitivity penetrates the surrounding walls and perceives the activity in other rooms and other floors; it knows the custom presences in your house (pets included) so it will not misinform you with a false alarm; thanks to its camera, it lets you see when something is wrong and you decide how Cocoon should respond: a siren sound, call the Police or call a neighbour. In one word, you’re in charge. And without compromises. No unnecessary big, complicated, space occupying systems. You can have it all in one device: Siren (very loud alarm designed to disorientate intruders), HD Camera(wide-angle night vision lens providing high quality video streaming and recording), Microphone, Motion Detector (smart enough to trigger recording when needed), SUBSOUNDTM Detector (powerful combination of sensors that detects activity also in other rooms).

Furthermore, the design of Cocoon is complementary with your personal environment, so no fitting issues. With a spherical shape, a neutral, but elegant colour, what more can you wish for?

Cocoon is perfectly aware of your privacy boundaries. It indicates remote viewing by another person with sound and pulsing LED. But there is no problem in operating with the remote viewing option, switching it off, for example, when you’re at home. Beside that, this gadget uploads the videos to your smartphone App only when mostly needed. When he suspects weird events in your home. Otherways, he only uploads it on your own request. Videos and data are highly encrypted, the decryption keys only being held on your registered mobile. The Cocoon Cloud never sees the encryption keys, avoiding this way the danger of your data being leaked.

Although, this product is still in development, there is a highly trained team behind Cocoon with one inspiring motto: „We believe technology should be about people”.

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