Lumio is the next step in lighting technology, a modern magic lamp which brings you infinite possibilities of using it. I know, sounds like corporate marketing, but that’s the truth. It looks just like a regular book, but when unfolded, magic starts to happen, because it’s a multi purpose lamp that can be used in any way imaginable.

Even if the package is pretty small, Lumio provides a huge amount of light, easily available because it’s cordless, lightweight and compact, just like a medium sized book. When necessary, it can be unfolded, hence is adaptable to a multitude of uses, because your lighting needs may change during the day. Lumio will last you for at least eight hours on a single charge and the amount of light it outputs is comparable to your regular permanent fixtures.

[adsense300gray]Lumio comes with a nice feature, I’m talking about strong magnets that are hidden into the covers so you can attach the lamp on any metal surface, in various configurations. You can also ┬áplug-in Lumio into a power source and use it at a permanent fixture. The cover is made of FSC certified wood (available in 3 finishes) and the body is made of Tyvek, a water resistant and 100% recyclable material. Its heart consists of high-powered LED lights and a strong Li-Io battery.

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