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Leatherman OHT Multi-Tool

Minimalism Is A Characteristic Of Quality When was the last time you felt that incredible satisfaction of a thing done well. I mean, if you are a real man, you have to know how to get things done  Look, the definition of the word manliness is shaped up in many forms and facets, so don’t try to ignore any. Now, … continue reading

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American Made: Stahl Firepit

The Stahl Firepit Will Mature And Differentiate Itself As Time Passes By The Stahl Firepit is an American made way to spend quality time chilling outside. When you manage to gather the right people beside you, ideas on how to have a good time will start to flow. If you’re thinking about a warm glow to light up your evenings, … continue reading

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Spin: The Gravity Defying Spintop

This innovative product works both as a gyroscope and as a mechanical spin top, and in case you are wondering what either of those are, here is a short explanation: a gyroscope is a spinning wheel or disc that uses the Earth’s gravity to determine orientation and a mechanical spin top is a toy of course that has existed since … continue reading

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EcoQube Air Desktop Greenhouse

Have you always wanted to have a home full of wonderful plants but they never seem to thrive and grow in an indoors environment in a way you imagined? It is probably not your fault as there are numerous reasons why this happens to plants indoors – they do not get enough light like they would in nature, the air … continue reading

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WRENCHit Modular Wrench Kit

The Amazing WRENCHit The guys from Mininch, come back after the successes they had with Tool Pen and Tool Pen mini, in order to close out and sort out their trilogy of awesome tools. Only this time, there is no pen involved, but a wrench, called WRENCHit. Specifically, it’s a modular wrench kit. A portable and multi-functional spanner, this is … continue reading

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Cleaning your house: a man’s way

Do you have guests coming over for drinks and your place looks like a hoarder’s nest? Is your mother coming for lunch? Or are you just tired of living in a messy environment? No matter what it is don’t worry – a good plan and some nice cleaning products will make everything right. Cleaning can be fun and a sort … continue reading

Portable Cube Fire Pit

With the warm weather just around the corner everyone is starting to think about spending more time outdoors and the easiest way to have a great time with your friends and get some fresh air is to have a barbecue party. Just imagine a slow Sunday afternoon, your back yard is filled with the laughter of your friends and family, … continue reading

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Get Fresh Coffee With ZenRoast

If you’re like many, then starting the day without coffee is an uphill battle. And if you’re like me, that cup of joe needs to be fresh. Which, let’s be honest, isn’t always as straight forward as it seems; especially at home. Well, luckily, now it just might be… Introducing ZenRoast… ZenRoast is a minimalist adaptation of an ancient Japanese tool, mainly used for roasting … continue reading

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Plank Magnetic Shelf For Your Keys

Are you always looking for your keys? Do you spend half of the morning looking for them all over the house? If you are like most of us then you are. And anyway, in this day and age people want a clutter free environment to live in, especially if your living space is small and you want to keep things … continue reading

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The Scale Architect Pen

One of the most important things in making good architectural plans is precision and neatness, so it is no wonder that someone decided to make a pen like this to help things along. Shigeru Ban, an architect from Japan has made this innovative product for Acme Studio. It is clear, once you take a look at it, that it is … continue reading

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