Nixie Machine Clock by Frank Buchwald

You have most certainly heard about the expression oldies but goldies when it comes to good old music that you listen even today. The expression can easily work with Frank Buchwald’s creation, the Nixie Machine. This is an amazing sculptural clock, which features six glowing Nixie tubes from the 1960s. The clock is made of brushed brass and steel and the numbers are shown in six glowing Nixie tubes which have been made 55 years ago. Each of the glowing digits is displayed … continue reading

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Hash Is A Modular Bookshelf

Bookworms know it best. Books come in different sizes and shapes such that at some point it gets really tricky to fit them all into a shelf. Is there any quick and easy solution to finally arrange them all? What if, instead of moving and twisting the books you could move and twist the shelf? Max Voytenko, the mastermind behind the scenes at Line Studio came up with HASH, a modular bookshelf. What’s so cool about it? You can create a quite large … continue reading

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Misfit Bolt Is A Wirelessly Connected Smart Bulb

There is a common problem among people who think their house lacks a touch of style, but they can’t figure out what to change. Changing the light bulbs might not be the first thing to think about, at least until now. Introducing Misfit Bolt – the light bulb that you control remotely from your phone. At first, it may look just like a regular bulb that went through a face-lift process. However, Bolt can actually change its light color in order to fit … continue reading

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Paperthrophy. Paper Art Design For Your Walls

You love animal trophies but cannot have them in your house for one reason or another? What about paper trophies? Designed and created by Holger Hoffman, the Papertrophy animals bring together modern design and extravagant elegance. The collection has five hanging trophies and two stand up figures, all designed in vibrant colors. You have 80 color options for each trophy or you can simply have the white version. Papertrophies are a unique gift idea or the perfect choice to personalize your study, kitchen … continue reading

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Zombie Safe Zone Maps

Streets are getting lonely, cars are hanging without a driver, creaks and crunches all around, but no people. Suddenly, a horde of man-like monsters are chasing you. Sounds just like the standard plot for a zombie movie, right? Well, in case something like this might happen in the near future, a map of safe zones might be adequate to have. I mean, if Pentagon has a strategy to counter a possible zombie apocalypse, why would you be less prepared? The guys behind Design … continue reading

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Silver Arrows Project. Most Advanced Prints Ever Made

It isn’t quite easy or affordable to get your own race car from the 30’s – it is however pretty easy to acquire a high quality print of one historical moment from golden racing years. The Silver Arrows Project represents the work of two Czech design artists who took history, innovation and CGI to the next level; or even further you might say. The main purpose was to preserve the original details as much as possible; this way, every element was designed separately, … continue reading

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Smart Kapp Is A Connected, Smart Whiteboard

You know how annoying it is to write notes during a meeting, take a blurry picture of your work to share with colleagues or saying that you will remember all that has been discussed but you know you won’t? The Smart Kapp dry-erase board has been designed to improve business productivity and collaboration. Just plug it in, download the app from the App Store and us the QR-code to connect. Android users can simply download the app from Google Play and pair their … continue reading

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Gift Guide: Home and Office

Hone office gift guide 600x218 Gift Guide: Home and Office

Finding a truly inspirational gift for guys that won’t break the bank is certainly one of the most challenging tasks on anyone’s holiday to-do list. Whether you’re looking for something fun, meaningful or useful, take a look at our Home & Office Gift Guide and pick something for your hard-working colleagues or family members.

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