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Embrace Interaction Platform. Get Rid Of The Cables

Cables… cables everywhere! In the era of wi-fi, we still have to rely on… cables (mobile chargers, for instance). Be careful where you step, you might trip because of a pesky wire! Oh, and they are pretty unaesthetic, too! Worry no more, the Embrace interaction platform is here to put an end to the cable tyranny! It’s an elegant and innovative solution for this common problem. And I haven’t told you what’s the best part of it, yet! Embrace allows you to have … continue reading

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Stage Interactive Shelf Charges All Devices On Spot

Getting rid of cable cords is a constantly rising trend, and home&office products are being design to satisfy the need of minimalist design, especially without any cables hanging around. A great example is the Stage Interactive Shelf. It may not look very tech related but this piece of furniture can actually get together with most of your handheld devices. You got to admit that the Stage Interactive Shelf looks just like any wooden shelf hanged on the wall, but once it slides out, … continue reading

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An Edgy Penthouse at The Top of a Ski Jump

We know winter’s over, but wouldn’t you love to keep at least a few of winter’s charms forever? Like skiing for instance! Well, for all you winter sports enthusiasts and also for all those in love with unconventional architecture AirBnB have finished a daring project: a penthouse located at the top of a ski jump. Situated in the center of a historical Oslo ski jumping resort, this daring apartment is situated at an impressive height of 60 meters – at the very peak … continue reading

Switchmate. App Controlled Lighting For Your Home

If you’re like me you surely hate those moments when, at night, you have to get out of bed to turn off the lights! But thank God, we live in the era of technology and we have solutions for almost everything now! With the new Switchmate you can control the lights in your house using your phone. Simply snap Switchmate over your light switch and pair it with your smartphone, and voilà – you can control anything that’s connected with your switch! But … continue reading

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Ikea Finally Brings Wireless Charging Furniture

It’s been around for a while, but not much attention was given to it, except for the specialty publications. Wireless charging is quite an amazing and comfort enhancer technology; no more wires means no more tangling and no more mess between the desk and the power socket. Ikea has recently unveiled a line of not so tech-looking bedside lamps, tables and charging plates that have been paired with Qi chargers onto the surface. It sounds great and feels the same, but how does … continue reading


The Analog Memory Desk Records Your Thoughts & Ideas

Names, phone numbers, meetings, dates, ideas, things to buy, simple thoughts, things to do – throughout a day we have to memorize lots of things! Most of the things you need to have in mind today are small things, which you’ll surely forget tomorrow. The purpose of the Analog Memory Desk is to allow you to record all these small facts… Its creator, Kristen Camara, declares to be obsessed with the way people remember the past. … continue reading

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The Flexible Spyder Light

Do you need to lighten up a room but you can’t find place for la lamp?  Well, we have the answer that meets all demands: the Spyder Light by daas! The brainchild of an award winning duo consisting of Andrew Southwood-Jones and Alexander Kashi, daas is a design house where you’ll find creative solutions for almost everything. By using unusual materials they manage to deliver useful and original products. One of their creation is, as above stated the Spyder Light. Trying to answer the … continue reading

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Minimalist Architecture Prints

If you love innovative art or you’re mad about architecture, you’ll love our newest discovery. Introducing studio esiam – a Swedish creative studio founded in 2013 by Josefine Lilljegren (art director) and Sebastian Gokah (architect). They portray architecture in such a way that they convey its qualities to a public interested in interior and exterior spaces. In fact, they offer much more than a simple sketch – they render the unique vibe of a city, the texture of a façade, the balance of … continue reading

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