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Get The Smart Lock From HAVEN

Secure At All Times We all want to feel secure. It’s the most basic need of sustainable human life. When we’re little, we let our parents do that. But when we become the parents, it’s in our responsibility to take care of that. We want everyone in the family to feel safe and there is no room to joke about … continue reading

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Nebia Shower

Feeling Smoother Than Ever – With Nebia Shower Welcome to Nebia Shower! This is the innovation your body has been made to experience. Nebia Shower is one of the particular little things that can make your life so much better. What exactly does it do for you? Simple: gives a meaning to every Monday morning. With this shower in your … continue reading

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Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set

Buying a Star Wars plastic figure is so outdated. We’re not sure how many are able to acquire they own Death Star. However, having a set of Star Wars Glassware would definitely bring a smile every single time you sip from it. And there you have it. The set contains six glasses, each one representing an iconic location found throughout Star Wars … continue reading

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Cozy Times Ahead with Winter Blankets

Enjoy this holiday seasons with awesome winter blankets from the good folks of Tanner Goods continue reading

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Self-propelled Mechanical Models By UGEAR

Leave The Tablet Alone A Little It is perfectly understandable how technology became a huge part of our lives now. We have limitless potential using our smartphones, but, guys, we should not forsake our imagination to the will of machines. UGEAR are here to remind us this. It is their Kickstarter amazing and awesome self-propelled mechanical models project by which … continue reading

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Matador Surface Converts Any Space Into Work Area

There is nothing more discouraging than finishing a complex job on the car or done fixing the sewer beneath the kitchen sink, then realizing that you still need to clean the place up. It’s especially annoying when you realize that the rug you’ve placed your tools on is now useless due to dripped oil or gas. Matador Surface aims to … continue reading

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Earnest Studio Modular Designs

 Creativity to innovation Earnest Studio are a Netherlands based team of creators that came up with this great idea of turning your house into a spot of creativity for everyone living in it to enjoy. The concept  is revolving around modularity, and to me it looks like a symbol of minimalist innovation. The thing is, whenever you think about ways … continue reading

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The Norlan Whisky Glass

Who ever said drinking whiskey isn’t a science process? The Norlan Whisky Glass combines science and sociology in order to provide the best whisky drinking experience a gentleman can get. The glass comes as a response to all the currently available poor glassware for whisky enthusiasts. It combines fluid dynamics and bio-mimicry to output aesthetic looks and fragrance capturing form. … continue reading

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Jellyfish Aquarium By Jellyfish Art

Everyone Deserves A Moment Of Peace This is the message which welcomes us on the Kickstarter page of this Aquarium project. Jellyfish Aquarium by Jellyfish Art should be the addition to make your living room or office a better place to stay in. Why is that? Well, if you feel the need to ask this question, you’ve never had an … continue reading

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Mystica desk

Mystica desk, a combination of new design and old classics, is a beautiful office workspace. The organic style of Mystica desk is mixed with a hint of edginess. It’s a big desk without drawers or storage space designed by Wilmer Chaca. Maybe it’s a bit surprising, but the table’s large design makes it a perfect comfortable table for one person … continue reading

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