The Kauri Table. From the Oldest Wood In The World

If vintage, old and even ancient objects are your thing, my guess is that you’ll be quite interested in an intriguing piece of furniture created by Polish design studio Holzano. What’s so special about it? Well, their piece of work is made from the oldest wood ever to be found – the Kauri wood. It originates from a New Zealand forest which was buried 50,000 years ago after an unknown natural disaster occurred. The wood was preserved and stumps and root pieces of it are … continue reading


Metamorfosis Bookshelf

Today, I’ve stumbled upon one of the coolest bookshelves I’ve seen and, of course, I’m going to show it to you. The masterpiece is known as Metamorfosis and is created by Sebastian Errazuriz, a famous artist and designer which is very well known for his beautiful artworks. The awesome bookshelf has been designed as to resemble with the crawling ivy. The artist was inspired by the ivy that crawled on his childhood home, as he used to use its branches for placing his toys. Well, … continue reading


The Biggest Small Apartment in New York

Given the fact that New York is well known for its hefty rents and hard to find affordable living places, Graham Hill, an entrepreneur and the founder of TreeHugger, created a functional apartment that has a surface of only 420 square meters. Well, it surely isn’t a lot, but this apparently tiny living space consists in a bedroom, a home office, guest office, bathroom and can also host 10 guests for dinner. How? Well, due to the transformable living space, which features a moving wall, … continue reading

$995,000 Buy

For the Hunter in You: The Deer Bookshelf

If you have just moved into a new home or just want to add something stylish and unique to your current one for storing your books, the Finns from design firm beDesign have created a really cool and attractive piece of furniture: a bookshelf that draws its design inspiration from the appearance of wild deer. The bookshelf can be used for storing your books, magazines or different décor elements and will add a nice touch to the overall appearance of your living place. Not to … continue reading

$630 Buy

The Shack at Hinkle Farm

This might just be the perfect weekend retreat, especially if you’re into minimal stuff. And why wouldn’t you be since you really have all you need to a quiet weekend away from the busy city life. But if you’re planning on building one as a DIY project (like this one here was made), make sure you’re no gadget loving geek or prepare to pack those sun-charging batteries as The Shack has no electricity. And quite frankly it doesn’t really need it! Why ruin everything with … continue reading

Turn Messy Cables And Cords Into Something Beautiful

Wires, wires everywhere to feed up all of your tech stuff, and I know you have plenty of those. First thing is to try and hide all of these messy cables the best way you can, usually putting them in between the walls. But when you’re done doing that you realise your house has more holes than a bee hive. Here are some cool, innovative ideas to make art out of your cords. continue reading

The Urban Beehive

A conceptual urban beehive that should stay just that – a concept. Fundamentally flawed and potentially dangerous for you and for the bees (not to mention illegal in most states), this so-called “sexy urban beehive” is beautiful but virtually impossible to achieve. By pulling a string on this lovely glass blob, honey would ideally come out – what a fun novelty item for rich people who need a new and exciting hobby! The Urban Beehive is a hive for the home. It consists of two parts, of which one part … continue reading

Fusion Portable Cooler Chair

Remember how troublesome carrying all that picnic gear to the beach or the random designated picnic space up on a cliff usually is? Not to mention the additional cooler box and folding table and all the other paraphernalia that comes along with a successful eat-out. Completely foldable and portable, this picnic chair can be easily flung on your muscular back as you trek through the wilderness towards your chosen dining area. Fill the cooler bag with your beverage of choice (some user reviews say it … continue reading

$134 Buy
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