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Lambeth Marsh House

Lambeth Marsh House

In the rows of homes in London, lies a lonely brick house. It stands on Lambeth Lane, a home that lies bumper to bumper with it's neighbors. The two story, st...

A-Frame Triangle Cliff House

Every once in awhile all of us get a desire to leave the urban environment and relocate to a secluded place in nature. Because the busyness of the city can ...

Private iMAX Movie Theatre

iMAX quality, your home Everybody loves going to the cinema, especially during the summer. It is a really a fun way to spend an evening with your friends, bu...
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The Dream-house for the Minimalist

The Dream-house for Minimalism Minimalism is a trend that's gripping America right now. More and more people are stepping away from the typical American Drea...

KnittBar Powers Any Device You Own

KnittBar: Smart, modular, low profile Gone are the days when every electric device came with a standard power plug; now you have USB charging, regular outlet...

Lyfe Grows Your Plants In Zero Gravity

Growing without contact The future is here. And you don’t even need to be a plant lover to find this one of the most amazing ideas ever. It’s like something ...