It isn’t quite easy or affordable to get your own race car from the 30’s – it is however pretty easy to acquire a high quality print of one historical moment from golden racing years.

The Silver Arrows Project represents the work of two Czech design artists who took history, innovation and CGI to the next level; or even further you might say. The main purpose was to preserve the original details as much as possible; this way, every element was designed separately, so it can be attached to a new scene, rather than rendering another vehicle from scratch.

From bodywork, welding models, engine and wheel size, track texture and side barriers, everything was researched in the smallest detail and then rendered to be printed in a later stage. Some scenes were re-created in real life, and thanks to Boogie Films and Barrandov Studios, which supplied costumes and cars.

[adsense300gray]One of the best-sellers is the aftermath of 1930’s crash which claimed the legendary Dick Seaman’s life in the Belgian Grand Prix. Artists took out every archive photo in order to get better and more angles and details. Then, then wreck was rendered digitally and finished with color and shades.

Over 130.000 people were “created” by the artists and Silver Arrows Project. According to them, it was quite a challenge to draw and place spectators and pit workers in the exact same spots as the original ones, but in the end, the result was more than satisfying.

It doesn’t take an expert’s eye to see that each and every detail of these vintage race prints has been checked, refined and rechecked over and over until almost perfection was achieved. It is definitely sure to make a great impression when hanging one of these on your wall.


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