[adsense300gray]If you’re a vegetarian, you probably won’t be interested about the next cool thingy that I’m about to present. If meat is your best friend, then you should definitely check it out. I’m talking about the Steaklocker, a product which is going to be your best friend if you include meat in most of your meals and cherish its wonderful taste like I do.
The Steaklocker is a 34 inch dry age fridge that does exactly what you’re probably thinking: it dry ages your meat at home, thus enabling you to cook and taste that delicious dry-aged steak that you usually eat at the restaurant, but without spending a lot of money for each time you’re craving for it. Dry aging allows enzymes to tenderize the meat and significantly improves the flavor, being a process which requires the kind of equipment you only find in restanrants. Until now, that is, as the Steaklocker comes to your rescue. Its technology also consists in monitoring and adjusting the temperature and features a smartphone app for keeping you informed.