La Fenice is the first electromagnetic induction coffee maker that can instantly prepare a perfect Espresso and a perfect American filter coffee and looking sexy as hell while doing it. If you could count and add up all the minutes you’ve ever spent waiting for your coffee to brew, it might give you some perspective on all the time we tend to waste doing nothing. Improving energy efficiency and increasing performance is the main mission of this mean machine of caffeinated artistry, guaranteeing that you’ll never have to tap your foot idly by the stove again. Not to mention that you’ll be the happy owner of La Fenice, a tribute to the past with a futuristic viewpoint, wearing its aluminium, glass and wood components proudly.

Superflexible, La Fenice works with a range of capsules, letting you enjoy your favorite coffee without any brand limitations.


[adsense300gray]Fitted with a patented electromagnetic induction heater offering extraordinary energy efficiency, La Fenice is one of a kind, its design allowing the coffee heater to always be off, heating the water instantly only when needed. Stefano Polti is the one responsible for this innovative machine, giving the public a kitchen gadget that will save both time and money. Most coffee machines take between five and fifteen minutes to heat up before brewing the perfect cup of coffee while other, more “professional” models, are designed to be kept on all day.

As for the temperature, it is constantly evaluated by the specialized pressure flow rate and temperature control, keeping it at a constant 93° C (199° F). La Fenice team elaborates: “Unlike most other coffee makers measuring temperature at the surface of the boiler, ‘La Fenice’ directly measures the temperature of the water itself thanks to an advanced [technology], resulting in higher precision.”

What are you waiting for? There’s still time to grab one at a special price before it hits the shelves in September.

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