Nowadays, it’s getting more and more difficult to find unique objects and ideas of any kind, so many of us turn to the DIY trend. Admittedly, we wouldn’t have called it a trend a century ago, but I guess capitalism has a strong say in this and we can’t really argue with it.

Since most art has made some sensible points concerning society along the years, what we’re showcasing today is quite a cute little solution, a compromise if you will. It’s called the „/” Lamp (Slash Lamp) and apart from being a philosophical expression, it’s also a versatile lighting piece, with a bit of a raw and edgy look. The Romanian creator, Dragos Motica, sells the design as being dependent on the owner’s desire to leave it as it is, or use his/her brute force to alter it, thus creating a unique object. Believe it or not, the lamp comes with a rock which you use to smash the concrete, in order to uncover the steel mesh that surrounds the light bulb. The materials used give the piece an industrial feel, but the lamp can complement an overly feminine room or give some edge to an otherwise boring set of furniture.

[adsense300gray]The Slash Lamp was created for a Romanian furniture brand called UBIKUBI, therefore making it not just a mere art piece, but also a functional object, distinguished by a spool of climbing rope thought of in order to adjust its height. The mix of birch plywood and concrete is not too overbearing given the relatively small size of the lamp ( about 7 inches), its smooth finish and its discrete colors.

By giving you the opportunity to personalize it, the piece is definitely a conversation starter and if you’re quick enough, you can tell the girls that you made it. Sort of.