At some point, everyone’s a barista, or at least trying to do the magic of one by mixing out drinks and hoping for the best. While from personal experience I can tell this technique fails in 98% of cases, this new gadget from Sodastream, the MIX, is ready to replace my two left hands and created better bubbled drinks than I could do.


The MIX features internet connectivity and it’s Bluetooth ready. This way, you will be able to command the machine from your smartphone. Put together a recipe and MIX will provide the beverage in no time, with all the extra bubbles. Another nice feature of the available internet connection is that the producing company can push new recipes to MIX, periodically. MIX is not only intended for cocktail amateurs, but also for mixing enthusiasts. You shouldn’t be surprised to find one of these robotic bartenders in local clubs, in the future.

Unlike previous products from SodaStream, MIX won’t get any damage if used with non-tested liquids such as wine. On the integrated touchscreen, 5 settings are available for use, including alcohol, water and juice. While currently it isn’t available for purchase, MIX amde an apparition at Milan’s Salone de Mobile, and hopefully will be available worldwide by 2016. An intuitive design, premium finish and very good looking, the MIX doesn’t have to do too much to catch the eye of beverage amateurs. Once you get to test it, you will probably won’t live again without bubbles in your drink.