Renewable energy is the future, and everybody must have realized that by now. It’s in the news, in school teachings, documentaries, pretty much everywhere you turn your head around. Being on the green side of the spectrum will become a definition for the modern man, and this is for many reasonable motives. This is what Smartflower pop is for – the world’s first all-in-one solar system, so that you can leave a green mark for yourself on this planet’s brighter horizon. Just think about it: as the sun make his way on the sky, smartflower pop unfolds itself automatically, releasing its solar modular fan towards the sun, getting you the electricity you need – taking showers, brewing coffee, having breakfast.


You’re getting yourself ready for a fresh day, having it working for you. Smartflower pop is for the most advanced and educated men, like our readers, which make the need for clean energy a priority. Try to imagine a way you can have it all in your backyard, and this is what you come up with. In the evening refolding is also automatic, catching up the last sun rays, squeezing you the maximum for any day (one day of smartflower pop – 100km of driving in an electric vehicle, of three air conditioning units – for 1 sunny day and pleasant temperatures in the entire house).

The system put in use is the photovoltaic technology, as it should be, making it a simple, smart, pretty plug & play like any other home appliance. A fan with a surface of 18 square meters and a dual-axle sun tracking assembly making your life the way you want it. Worthy of a mentioning here is the average capacity per year, of approximately 4.000 kWh, more than sufficient for any requirment a household can impose, having a degree of self-utilisation of around 60%, and this, right here, is the future I keep on ranting to you about.