Wood Carved Painting To Decorate Your Walls

Give your house, room, garage or bar a personal, worm touch with a custom wood panel. When viewed from a distance, it appears as a black & white photo, but in fact is an accurate cut wooden sculpture.

The process is pretty simple and straight forward – you upload a photo, and in seconds time you’ll see it converted. You also have some re-touching options, and once you’re happy with your new state of the art wall painting, you can order it and have it shipped.

What’s more interesting is, probably for the first time, you can actually feel your portrait or photo.

Your Photo Carver in wood 2
Audreay de Macedeo – Full gallery

how it looks on walls

Your Favorite Photos Carver in wood
Ferrari LaFerrari – from on our Inspiration Post
HisPotion Logo Photo Carver in wood
HisPotion.com Logo carved in wood

happy couple carved in wood