[adsense300gray]Now folks, let me show you how rich people are  having fun. Because, as you may already know, rich people are different from us. While you may enjoy spending your free time at the beach, rich people bathe in money. Literally. And, if you’re rich and eccentric, this is the perfect gift for you : a Swiss bank safe with tons of money in it. I repeat : up for sale, is a 1912 Swiss Deposit Box, filled with coins. So, when you’re feeling lonely, you might just go, take a  swim in money and feel resurrected.

This Swiss bank swimming pool for Arab sheikhs is handmade, it contains over 1600 deposit boxes and it’s a work of art by itself, being made of high quality materials like steel, brass and marble. It will be delivered with 8 million Swiss coins inside and it is an original bank safe; it used to be the property of Schweizer Volksbank and it’s the real deal folks! Owning this is the ultimate arrogance but also an investment in what drives our society forward (or backward, it depends on your perspective) if you love money like 99.99% of the population does. The 8 million coins weigh 15 tons, consisting in 5 cent coins (Rappen) made of copper/aluminum/nickel alloy.

bank safe

bank safe 2

bank safe 3

bank safe