[adsense300gray]If it’s time for buying some new furniture for your home and you want something special that definitely steps out of the ordinary, check out a wacky collection of furniture designed by Made – The Container Storage Collection, one that you won’t see in the home of your average Joe.

These guys have thought of creating something inspired from real life, but not the kind of thing you’d ever imagine having in your home. So, they released a collection of furniture that looks like… shipping containers.

The pieces are looking pretty simple, strongly resembling real life ones, as they’re made from iron and come in colors like yellow, gray and blue. Your room will definitely look kind of weird, but in a cool way if you’re into this kind of stuff and you don’t have the kind of girlfriend that would criticize your tastes – because girls don’t usual go for designs like this one. If you live with your folks, they might have something to say too about these unusual industrial-looking features, but who cares – it’s your opinion that matters (being your room and all).

The collection consists in a side table, a small cabinet and a tall one. All of them offer a good amount of space for “containing” your books, clothes, shoes and other stuff. (toys, maybe…?) Too bad there isn’t a bed made in a similar way, it would really tie the room in together.

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