Cables… cables everywhere! In the era of wi-fi, we still have to rely on… cables (mobile chargers, for instance). Be careful where you step, you might trip because of a pesky wire! Oh, and they are pretty unaesthetic, too!


Worry no more, the Embrace interaction platform is here to put an end to the cable tyranny! It’s an elegant and innovative solution for this common problem. And I haven’t told you what’s the best part of it, yet! Embrace allows you to have your interactive and second screen devices right on your sofa!

Hook in your chargers and plug-in your favorite devices (tablet, mobile phone)… The rest is up to you: browse the Internet, watch a movie or simply rest you coffee.

This clever device support is compatible with various tablets and phones. It’s made from American walnut finished in translucent oil and a steel powder-coated frame which is available in two colors (black or white) – so that you can match it with your devices! Stylish and useful!

With Embrace, you’ll never have to get up to get your phone or tablet… And no one can blame you for this: it’s a pretty sleek piece of furniture! In fact, we should all get one since it offers us a solution to a problem we all have: too much cables in sight!