Beer is the oldest fermented beverage in the world. Consumed in moderate quantities, beer has a beneficial impact upon your health. Also, it’s the third most popular drink after water and tea (this makes it the most consumed alcoholic beverage on the planet). In fact, who doesn’t appreciate a good beer?


But today we’re not going to talk about beer! We’re going to talk about beer caps! Pretty useless you may think… But you’re totally wrong! If you live in the USA you surely remember those maps you had to fill with quarters. Starting from this idea, some ingenious creators have created maps which you have to fill-in with beer caps!

The Beer Cap Maps allow you to display caps from the finest breweries in the USA. Each map has been made from wood that has been sealed for protection. You can choose a specific state or the whole country… Although, you must be aware that not all states are available yet. The Wisconsin-based producer is trying to offer all states by May 1.

Each map comes with small wholes so that you can hang up your masterpiece! And believe us, it’s going to be pretty impressive! So, maybe it’s time to start a beer cap collection – who knows? Or, if you have one already – these maps are the perfect way to display your treasured items!