Do you need to lighten up a room but you can’t find place for la lamp?  Well, we have the answer that meets all demands: the Spyder Light by daas!

The brainchild of an award winning duo consisting of Andrew Southwood-Jones and Alexander Kashi, daas is a design house where you’ll find creative solutions for almost everything. By using unusual materials they manage to deliver useful and original products. One of their creation is, as above stated the Spyder Light.


Trying to answer the need of their own studio for a portable light source they created the Spyder Light. Flexible and easy to move, this is a very useful solution for tight or crowded rooms. The metal and electrical elements that form the flexible legs and house magnets are joined by an addapted rubberized sheath used for cable joining.

Put the Spyder Light where you want, in any position! It will prove its utility and it looks cool, too!