[adsense300gray]A great and useful device to have in your home or offer as a gift is the Twelve24 ClockOne. This interesting thingy is the first clock in the world that uses the E-Ink technology (if you’re familiar with Kindles, for example, you surely know what I’m talking about).

The ClockOne has a very simplistic and clean design, consisting in four digits that reminds me of the classic digital watch. It’s made from milled aluminium and has a wideness of 1 meter, is 35 cm tall and has a thickness of 4 mm, being very slim and elegant. Even if its size doesn’t really suggest that, but its weight is also small, as it stands at 1.5 kg. Its E-Ink display is a pleasure to look at, having an excellent contrast and very wide viewing angles. It requires a tiny amount of “juice” for working and will need a single CR250 battery that will last for a year.






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