[adsense300gray]One of the most common daily activities performed by most of us is putting on our shoes. Well, even if for some of us, this isn’t the kind of thing that would require help, the Vital Design Shoe helper is here for making the job even easier and for actually offering some help to those who don’t possess such a great balance and need to stand down for doing that.

How does it work ? Once you take a glance of it, you’ll find out. You basically have a fancy looking stick which has a shoe horn attached to it, a handle at the top and a metallic bottom which serve for keeping the shoe helper still while you put your shoes on or take them off. You just have to step on the metallic part with one foot, lean on the handle and place the shoe helper inside your shoe, it’s as simple as that, without needing you to bend.

Besides being useful, this unique shoe helper is also looking quite classy, so you can leave it in your hallway, I bet that most of your guests won’t know what it is anyway.
The Shoe Helper is also portable, so it can join you wherever you go.

Shoe helper

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