First time we laid eyes on this kitchen concept we were in awe of how a space that is usually thought of as intricate and maybe sometimes suffocating can be reduced to just a few very simple but functional pieces that would be perfect for a barbecue party in your back yard.

The Ulaelu is a modular kitchen that allows you to combine whatever parts you need to ease your outdoor cooking experience. There are 12 possible combinations for your table, and you can also opt for a firewood rack to store wood or to hold a larger bag of coal for your grill.

[adsense300gray]The aluminium frame is made for three modules (two big ones and one small) and comes power coated in either black or white. On the sides, there are pipes for hanging grill tools, while the bottom surface of the frame is perfect for holding plates, utensils and even food you’re about to cook, so you don’t have to go in and out of the house every 10 minutes.

For the chopping and slicing area, you can choose between a natural stone worktop with or without a drainer, or a plastic one with a drainer, both of which are made to withstand bad weather, wine spills, acidic fruit or the attack of a chopping knife. The stone worktop is also best for holding a gas cooker, as it is heat resistant and non-flammable.

The sink is made for washing dishes, fruit or your hands – a great way to avoid the hassle of going inside with dirty hands all the time. Water can be drawn through your garden hose, which will be fixed in a holder connected to the frame and attached to a tap that will regulate how much water comes out. The used water can then be drained through another hose or collected into a bucket for watering the garden.

The charcoal grill is large enough for you to cook more than one type of meat on it, and deep enough to fit firewood for coal. The entire thing is made out of aluminium and has a lid to protect it from poor weather and dust.

The prices are a bit steep, but overall it’s a beautiful design that will blend nicely into any outdoor environment and will last you a long time.