Decorating the inside of an office is a task difficult for most of us, especially because we want it to look modern, yet professional, simple yet elegant. The thing is some forget that you need more than expensive furniture, like odd-shaped desks or couches in order to fill the space – as we forget that this is just the basic stuff. What comes after is equally important. You want your workspace to be attractive for visitors and comfortable for your own good – and we have some good recommendation right here, the Cubic aquarium designed specially for jellyfish. These majestic creatures bound to the mystery of the ocean were unavailable for domestic keeping, because of the risk of being sucked up in between different cavities.


Now things have changed, thanks to the best quality components and the highest quality acrylic cast that is available and used for this decorative piece of jewellery. You can adapt it in your room at home as well, and choose between 640 thousand colors, a feature made possible by some clever remote which allows you to finger-scroll between nuances. It also easily maintainable, letting you worry less about keeping the water clean, or feeding the inside, with a system created not to let food remain at the bottom of the tank. As a recommendation from Cubic, the best species for them is the moon jellyfish, which has a natural life span of somewhere between 12 to 14 months, being harmless yet mesmerizing to look at. It is a nice way to keep you company while working or having a break, you know, someone to listen without complaining. Finding space for it shouldn’t be that difficult, as they are the lower size of the aquariums found inside scientific institutions.