[adsense300gray]All business outside but throwing a raging party inside, the Fusion tables are exactly what the doctor ordered. And the lawyer. And everyone else, to be honest, because what upstanding individual wouldn’t want such a multipurpose item in their office – especially since the overall purpose is fun.

The table’s modern design blends right in with any cutting-edge room, especially high-class office buildings where the employees crave – nay, deserve, a pool-break every once in a while. The designer’s main mission, however, was to „create a dining/pool table his wife can live with.” And we must admit, he did a great job. From the sleekness of the design to the functionality and quality of what’s hidden underneath the „business” surface, the Fusion Tables help you combine work and play so that you won’t become a dull boy.

Bonus: after dinner, remove the tabletop and challenge your friends to a game of pool in your living room. After you’re done, just slide the wooden top back into place and voila, transformation complete.