We had a look into the big and wonderful world of DIY (do it yourself) and we selected six cool home improvement ideas for you to try do. They’re all decoration related projects that you can build extremely cheap and pretty fast. You’ll have a nice practical decoration to enjoy or show off plus you’ll get that unique feeling when you look at it – „I built that”. Not to mention the huge difference a handmade gift makes.

Keep us in the loop and let us know how it goes, we’d love to see your take on these projects. You can use the comment system below or our facebook page to show off your work.

Do It Yourself Hanging Mason Jar Planter with Air Plants. Yea, I know, air plants are something new to me too, but they make an awesome decoration for this project. If you have a white wall somewhere in the house, this will make it look pretty nice. How to on Oh So Very Pretty

DIY Book Headboard. This looks so good it should be featured in interior decorating magazines covers. And as you guessed it, it’s not even that hard to build. Steb by step instructions onĀ Design Everyday Blog

Upcycling is a process where old useless stuff get converted into new useful products. That’s the case here with a magazine collection and belts. Add some hardwood and wheels and you got yourself a nice decoration. How to do it on WhimZeeCal.


Branch Coat Rack. You’ll have to get creative for this one as the one you’ll build will be different from the one we did. How to on Instructables

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch for your garden. Yet another cool decoration idea, that’s inexpensive and unique. What you need and building instructions on Gerardot & Co.

Concrete Pendant Lamp. This DIY project blew us away, so we decided to go and do it. We’ll keep you posted how it went, right here. Until then, check out the hows and whats on HomeMade Modern