If you enjoy drinking beer from time to time, on a daily basis or if you two have fallen in love with each other that you’ve replaced water with it, boy, I have the perfect thing for you! Say hello to the Beer Can Track Light Head. Wondering what this is ? Well, it’s a track lamp that feels like home when attached to a beer can. Tired of your home’s boring looking light sources ? Very well, you don’t have to be serious cat all the time, so you could start making your home look like an Irish pub by adding this cool thingy to it.

Even if this gadget looks like an alcoholic’s wet dream, I like to take it more seriously (is it possible?) and, while I’m not exactly interested in getting one for my home, I think that it’s the perfect thing to have in a bar. It would definitely tie the room together and would also look awesome in the bathrooms, bringing a lot of smiles on the customers’ faces. Needless to say that die-hard beer drinkers will be ecstatic, you should be careful with those, as they just might try to make it “disappear”, and you wouldn’t want that, as these babies cost  about 90 bucks.

Beer can Track light head 1

Beer can Track light head 2

Beer can Track light head 3

Beer can Track light head 4

Beer can Track light head