Working at home has become a viable option in our times, being the perfect way to take care of business while getting the comfort you need. You have the technology now, so the need to distance yourself from home is no more required. But this method of making yourself available for your kids and your dog has its disadvantages, the greatest of which is that it takes room to accommodate all the stuff you need: the papers, the printers, the desk; you name it. Also, there are times when everyone around you has to be silent, in order to give you not only the space you need, but the peaceful environment as well.


Inoutside, an Australian company specialized in this, has got your needings covered, leaving you only the benefits. Prefabricated offices is the topic of our conversation, workstations to be placed only feet away from your bed or refrigerator. They are safe to use, don’t add to much to your garden’s balance and can be used for a large variety of tasks, like having a video call conference in there or leaving your kids to study inside while you watch your favourite tv series. You choose the floor dimensions and the style that fits you best, having three options to pick from: cooba, mallee and kameroo. Depending on the style, the surface and the finish, the price can range a lot.  They are easy to set up, easy to dispose or move around. You can have your say about the colors or some of the materials used.It’s a must have if you plan on carrying on with your job while taking breaks whenever you want to.

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