Are you looking for the perfect shelf to add to your favorite room? Simple in appearance, but complicated underneath – the PlyShelf from matterdesign fits every room due to its stylish and ingenious design.

Resembling the classical wall mounted bracket shelf system we all know, the PlyShelf comes with a twist: it morphs separate entities  into a single shelf with variable thickness. The wall studs are aligned with the brackets which, for this purpose, have been spaced at sixteen inches on center. Between these brackets a digitally relaxed surface is generated, as a result of structural calculation. Now that’s how to transform a plain thing into something great!

[adsense300gray]This state of the art shelf system is made of laminated plywood from managed forests. Furthermore, the PlyShelves are created using 3-D models and  CNC-milled parts with low-VOC finishes. In order to reduce waste, the material is carefully optimized.

The PlyShelf is simply the perfect structure to put your books, trophies, albums, photos, whatever on. And it matches every room style!

The PlyShelves have been appreciated by specialists too! This product has won the 2010 Architectural Design „Product of the Year”, the 2011 „AZ Awards” for furniture design and the people’s choice award! So, these are all the recommendations you need!