Just when you thought that your life was already perfect and you’ll never need more stuff to feel accomplished and feel good about yourself, well, the Genie Smart Lock popped out, just like a traffic cop in the middle of nowhere when you were giving your CLK 63 AMG Black Series a taste of the old saying “pedal to the metal, viva Las Vegas”.

This smart lock is just another gimmick that uses “the internet of things” (your smartphone, computer or a bluetooth enabled keyring) to unlock or lock your door by remote. God, I am in the wrong business, I should’ve embraced a burglar career.

[adsense300gray]In this day and age, keys are an obsolete concept. You will be able to lock/unlock your door using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth via your smartphone without doing actually anything. It’s not magic, just a sensor that automatically unlocks the door when you’re approaching or locks it as you leave the home.

You’ll never lose your keys again, you’ll never get locked out from your house. Life is great, isn’t it?

genie smart lock

genie smart lock 3

genie smart lock 4

genie smart lock


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