If you love innovative art or you’re mad about architecture, you’ll love our newest discovery. Introducing studio esiam – a Swedish creative studio founded in 2013 by Josefine Lilljegren (art director) and Sebastian Gokah (architect).

They portray architecture in such a way that they convey its qualities to a public interested in interior and exterior spaces. In fact, they offer much more than a simple sketch – they render the unique vibe of a city, the texture of a façade, the balance of an interior space. In fact, architecture means more than the one can see. Architecture is about feelings: the smell when entering a building, the sounds, the emotions and feelings they preserve!


The artists at studio esiam look at architecture from a whole new perspective and thus, they manage to communicate its deeper qualities.

Their first print series – elevations –  captures the unique feelings of  various cities around the globe. By studying the façades of some landmark buildings, they manage to draw attention to details that most of the time pass unseen. Driven by creativity and not by the theoretical rigor of architecture, they also managed to imprint their artwork with the same feelings that the specific city gives to you.

The artwork of studio esiam, as a consequence is far from being rigid – it’s alive and vibrating! Besides the works included in the elevantios series, they have also a stories section on their site, where they want to show beautiful buildings near them!

Looking at their interesting artwork we cannot stop asking what will they come-up with next!