Timepieces wrapping one’s wrist have regularly appeared to be a ‘men only’ thing. Concerning about clocks that before being furnishing objects are living sculptures it certainly won’t suppress your manhood. Overall, you see daily your office clock hanging on your wall and while you’re staring at it you might as well enjoy the view. If you take delight in mechanical stuff, and my guess is that engineering is the one thing that each man knows best, Chain Clocks are definitely crafted ‘pour les connaisseurs’ .

The distinctive Chain Clocks line consist on variations of the same concept: 44” tall armature that supports a fairly small ‘industrial synchronous A/C’ motor. The motor powers a mechanism, either gears or ratchets, made from laser cut acrylic, which in turn rotate a bike chain with laser cut acrylic numerals mounted at even intervals. Both unique and bold, the industrial appearance of these clocks is authentic, the chain has gone through no beautification except for the addition of acrylic numerals, and even has a nice layer of bike grease on it, to keep the chain loose.

[adsense300gray]Despite its impressive industrial design, motion is almost imperceptible throughout the slightly complicated mechanism. Lacking in active seconds, minutes or indicators between the hours, you shouldn’t expect it to be very accurate in time telling.

Extremely appropriate for offices or workshops, Chain Clocks are an instant space upgrade for those who aren’t afraid of making a statement and adding a little character to their style.