[adsense300gray]Where do you put your keys after you return home ? I suppose that you don’t leave them inside your door, especially if you don’t live alone. I leave them on a table, near the door, but I’m thinking about buying something cool for keeping them safe until I need them again.

The Magnetic key ring holder & shelf is the perfect solution, being a simple looking shelf that only needs a small space on your wall. So, what’s so special about it ? This little fellow isn’t your regular shelf, as it holds inside three rare earth magnets that are irresistible for your key rings and will immediately make them fall in love. You’ll see for yourself just how intense is the attraction between the rings and this intriguing shelf, as it’ll hold and keep them safe until your hands do them apart.

Now, on a more serious note, the magnets are ultra-strong and you don’t have to worry about your keys falling down or something. As a bonus, you have room for placing on it your wallet, sunglasses, correspondence or some other things alike.
If you don’t want this for yourself, you can always offer it as a gift for someone who has just moved in a new house. Or if you have friends that always misplace their keys.